August 31, 2007

Meeting Vint Cerf

I had the opportunity this morning, along with several coworkers, to meet and chat with Vint Cerf, Google's VP and Chief Internet Evangelist. We were honored also to meet his wife, Sigrid, who came with him. What delightful people!

vint-cerf-small.jpg I won't talk about Dr. Cerf's accomplishments. If you don't know who he is and what he's done, you have some homework to do. I've been familiar with his name since my days working as a subcontractor to MCI at the Florida Relay Service. Dr. Cerf was a senior MCI VP at the time, who took particular interest in how well his company was serving deaf and hard-of-hearing people. My beloved boss, Susan Tilson Watson, in her official capacity with TDI, later had the opportunity to award Dr. Cerf the Andrew Saks Engineering Award in 2001 for his contribution to making telecommunications and media more accessible.

Posted August 31, 2007 7:29 PM
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