December 15, 2006

How not to pick a content management tool

Jame's Robertson's recent article, Top 10 mistakes when selecting a Content Management System, is worth reading. Item #7 hit close to home, as I've recently filled out one of those complies/does-not-comply functional requirements questionnaires. (h/t to Tony Byrne).


December 8, 2006

Elf Update

It's not looking good...


December 7, 2006

Save the Elf!

A coworker decorated her cubicle for the holidays with a rather large elf, er, doll/statue.

One morning, she discovered her elf was missing, and a ransom note in its place directed her to

As you can read, she missed one of the ransom deadlines, and a bloody elf ear was left under her phone. The kidnapper(s) attempted to frame another coworker by leaving incriminating material in his waste basket.

We're all pretty torn about about this.