May 25, 2006


Refresh DC held its third monthly meeting tonight, and I was finally able to attend. What a great group! If you're a Web developer or designer in the DC area, and you want to connect, commiserate, or whatever with people in the profession, this is a great place to go.

This month's emphasis was on design, and the venue was the stark, grungy atmosphere that you can only find in an urban public library.

Many thanks to Jason, Jeremy and everyone who contributed!

Update: That dingy, white room at the MLK Library made photos of our little get-together look like an Apple ad!


May 18, 2006

Uh, actually, yes!

Tony Byrne, evaluating Dave Girouard's keynote at the AIIM Expo, found some things to agree with, but had this complaint:

But from there, Girouard launched into an apotheosis for the Google Appliance, declaring: "Search is the human interface into all corporate information." Uh, actually, no. Search is just how you find stuff; after that, knowledge workers have to actually do something with that content.

Okay, I don't know what an apotheosis is, or why Girouard might have been launching into one, but I don't have any problem with his statement. Why? Because that's exactly what corporate information managers need to hear. No matter how expensive your portal software is, or how much time and effort you put into designing your taxonomy, or SOA-ing this or that database, if I can't find what I need, it may as well not exist! Structured query interfaces for your organization's specialized data stores are great, but no matter how many of them you have, or how good they are, there is always a need for the simple, lowest-common-denominator, full-text search that can get me to all of them.

Okay, sure you might need a browser, PDF viewer, spreadsheet application, etc. to work with the data, but suggesting that Girouard was arguing otherwise is serious nit-picking!

The lack of a simple, all-in-one search tool is why I hate my company's employee portal. The simple Web approach has proven itself. It's time to embrace it in the "enterprise." Don't worry, there will still be consulting gigs. (Maybe not as many though, heh.) Putting a on your intranet seems like an obvious first-step.