April 19, 2006

Google OneBox for Enterprise Search

I'm very happy to see this announcement.

The OneBox on Google.com -- now available on the Google enterprise appliance -- is the section of special search results that are returned for particular types of search queries. For example, if you type in a UPS tracking code, you'll get a link directly to the UPS site's status page for your package. If you type in a math or conversion problem, such as [1 mile in furlongs], you get Google Calculator results.

This kind of capability is great for enterprise environments, which are oozing with structured data sources that users would love to be able to search using the familiar, friendly search box.

I'm hoping that, by providing such an easy API, Google will encourage enterprise portal developers to quit developing unfriendly, multi-input query forms, and start developing simpler, easier look-up tools that can be accessed from one place.

Posted April 19, 2006 1:33 PM
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