April 7, 2006

Google Mini Resource

Paul Silver has a great site for anyone interested in the Google Mini search appliance, including some good advice on the tasks for which it IS and IS NOT best suited.

Enterprise search products generally provide more support for searching structured information, such as databases or documents marked up with domain-specific metadata fields. As Paul says, this is not where the Google product shines.

I've installed and managed some Google search appliances over the last couple years, and in my opinion, Google's enterprise search engine shines in more important places, such as:

  • Making users happy by returning the most relevant results on page one -- and without requiring extra work from them.
  • Allowing your users to search across a heterogeneous collection. For example, one search can find relevant records from your database and your TPS reports.
  • An industrial-strength web crawler that's easy to manage.
  • A clean, RESTful web service interface that makes front-end work as easy as it gets.
Posted April 7, 2006 6:51 AM
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