May 26, 2005

Science and Faith

H. Allen Orr concludes an excellent article on intelligent design in the New Yorker by saying:
Biologists arenít alarmed by intelligent designís arrival in Dover and elsewhere because they have all sworn allegiance to atheistic materialism; theyíre alarmed because intelligent design is junk science. Meanwhile, more than eighty per cent of Americans say that God either created human beings in their present form or guided their development. As a succession of intelligent-design proponents appeared before the Kansas State Board of Education earlier this month, it was possible to wonder whether the movementís scientific coherence was beside the point. Intelligent design has come this far by faith.

May 2, 2005

Successful Morons

What do morons know that I don't?

I've often wondered this myself: Why are there so many successful businesses being run by morons? The answers offered generally fall into the following categories:

  • Being unaware of their limitations, morons simply "show up" and do things that smarter people convince themselves cannot be done, or cannot be done to a smart person's standards.
  • Morons are misunderstood. That is, they have (money-making) skills that "smart" people don't value/understand.
  • Morons aren't threatening (especially to other morons), which makes them better sales people.