December 23, 2004

Back to School

I just registered this week for my first full semester on the road to a Master of Software Engineering degree at the University of Maryland, University College (UMUC). First up is Issues in Software Engineering, and an undergrad discrete math course.

I'm very excited. My undergraduate degree is totally non-technical, and I avoided taking any math or hard science classes. I was kind of clueless back then. I wish someone had encouraged me back then to embrace my not-so-inner geek and go for something in engineering.

I did manage to complete the obligitory, no-credit, library resources course this month. That was an interesting, and not-completely-satisfactory, experience that I may discuss later.

Posted December 23, 2004 8:31 PM

Dave, if you want to make it in engineering, you MUST wreck a spoon in a blender. I've never met an engineer who hadn't ;) Love ya!

Posted by: Anna at December 26, 2004 8:23 PM