October 25, 2004

Fitness Fun Continued

Wow! Thank you all for the kind comments! Jen really shared some popularity points with that link!

This morning, I did a 25 mile bike ride with Tom Brown and Julie Baronas of NBP Fitness. The weather was cold and rainy, and I couldn't feel my fingertips for most of the ride. Even in foul weather, the scenery was beautiful!

Much appreciation to the nice people at Rams Head Tavern in the historic Savage Mill, who let us come in and eat brunch there despite being soaking wet and having big mud streaks up the middle of our backs!

Posted October 25, 2004 12:26 AM

In order to properly sum up the morning's events, I am going to quote from an email sent to me by Tom Brown, the fitness fun excursion leader. "Coldest, wettest ride I have ever done. I've learned my lesson." Now this is coming from a man who has done 2872341 marathons, in probably all kinds of weather. I mean the man had a Gore Tex robberesque mask to protect his face! He was already in the 'bad ass club' before we did the 25 miles!

I think I lost hope in the morning being fun when Tom was the one first one to suggest that we somewhat modify the course. But not all was lost, there was much bonding after topping the Harriet Tubman hill which I think is the Maryland version of the Boston Marathon's Heartbreak hill.

Highlight of the day: warming up at Rams Head Tavern
Lowest point: leaving the tavern and realizing we had 4 miles to bike back to our cars

But yes Dave, I now conisder myself a member of the Bad Ass Club. And for the record, Dave I think, would have done and wanted to do the full 35 miles as we had originally planned.

Posted by: Julie Baronas at October 25, 2004 8:21 AM

Dave: you don't need to feel your hands to pedal a bike. Quit being a wimpy American! And, what is this about me being the first to "suggest" a shorter version of the course? I felt like I was killing you and Julie. You had that forced death march stare in your eyes. I didn't want to have to answer to your significant others/families for your health concerns and frostbit faces post trek.
Actually, nice job finishing the "abridged" version.
But, admit it; don't you feel like a stronger person for doing it yesterday? I don't care what your wife said when you came walking back in the door; she knows by now your "disorders".

Posted by: Tom Brown at October 25, 2004 11:22 AM