October 30, 2004

12 Miles

I ran 12 miles this morning in just under two hours. It's so nice to finally taper!

It was a perfect morning for running on the Sligo Creek Trail. It was a little foggy, cool -- but not chilly, and with beautiful fall leaves all over the path.

My legs are barely hanging in there, with shin splints in my right leg and mild discomfort in my knees. I'm gonna have to do some serious stretching.

I'm training for my first marathon ever, and have been spouting The Correct Answer when people ask about what kind of time I'm shooting for: "My only goal is to finish." It's probably time to admit that I've been harboring a secret, hidden wish that I could finish in under 4:00. So, although I should have been taking it easy on this run, I foolishly pushed myself.

Oh, and the battery in my heart rate monitor transmitter started to die on this run. Mid-run, I looked down to see how hard the ol' ticker was working and saw a flashing zero-zero!

Posted October 30, 2004 8:26 PM


Posted by: Aaron O. at November 1, 2004 10:35 AM